Enough can't be said for being on the same page when it comes to starting a new development project. Others are happy to 'figure it out as it goes along' but Devetecho does it differently - getting all the project requirements defined up front. It's better that way; we all know what is happening, when.

Ultimately, it results in a quicker and smoother turn around for both of us which means your website or application is out there faster and actually does what you wanted it to do in the first place!


Technology choices

Every website and web application is different, and the technologies used to create them can vary immensely. At Devetecho, the go-to platform for websites is either WordPress or Concrete5 - easy to customise, user-friendly and reliable 'back-end' systems that allow for bespoke design integration and functionality. The software of choice for building web apps is PHP.

The final decision on used technologies will be heavily influenced by your business needs and any familiarities you might have already.



Remember that bit about collaboration? Well it is hugely important that the discussion is maintained throughout the development process. Requirements often change and feedback is a vital component of the Devetecho process; it is of vital important that your business website is developed to standard and to your needs.

You won't be kept in the dark during development - far from it! Expect regular updates and check-ins.


Testing, Tweaks & Go-live!

A vital part of the process, testing is carried out internally towards the end of the project to ensure the site is running as smoothly as possible and according to the requirements. After external testing, final amendments to content, images and other details will be made before the site or application is deployed for the world to see.

After that it's all about maintenance and keeping your new website as fresh as possible with new content!

Let's discuss your project

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