How Devetecho Does It:

Every website is different (or at least it should be), but the general process of developing them remains fairly similar across most projects. Devetecho does the following to ensure the best results:



Others are happy to figure it out as it goes along, but getting all the project requirements defined up front is just better; we all know what is happening, when. It results in a smoother turn around which means your website or application is out there faster and actually does what you wanted it to do in the first place!


Technology choices

At Devetecho, the go-to platform for websites is either WordPress or Concrete5 - easy to customise, user-friendly and reliable 'back-end' systems that allow for bespoke design and functionality. The final decision on technologies will be influenced by your business needs and any familiarities you may already have.



You won't be kept in the dark during development - far from it! Expect regular updates and check-ins; requirements often change and feedback is a vital component of the Devetecho process.


Testing, Tweaks & Go-live!

Testing is carried out internally towards the end of the project to ensure the site is running as smoothly as possible and according to the requirements. After external testing, final amendments to content, images and other details are made before the site or application is deployed for the world to see.

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5 Star Websites:

"Thank you Adam, for the work you’ve done and continuing to support me, I’ve been really happy with working with you and will also be happy to recommend you to others that need website support."

- Dan Humphrey, Humphrey's CBD

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"Top website redesign done quickly and efficiently by Adam at Devetecho. Client very pleased, and all working and looking so much better than before. Many thanks!"

- Steve Dyson, regarding

"I honestly can't thank Devetecho enough for building the most beautiful website for me - it's gorgeous!"

- Angharad Bache, Angharad Photography

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