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Devetecho-built ecommerce websites are built to sell, built to last and developed with not only your business in mind, but also your potential customers.

There are certain elements of websites with a shop that are always required. They don't guarantee you sales but forsake them and you won't be making many sales very quickly! Here are 4 things that your ecommerce website needs to have:



Nobody will be buying from your store without that green SSL padlock! General data security and keeping on top of software updates are also vitally important. The website needs to encourage trust!


Product information

You would think this one is a given but business owners often expect the product images will do the talking for them - wrong! Many potential customers want to know as much as they can about a product before considering a purchase.



The general performance of the website is hugely significant in converting customers, so-too is the 'speed' at which a customer can find something they want to buy and get through to finalising a payment option. Too many steps in the purchase process and your customers will give up!



Your ecommerce website needs to work for mobile users, it needs to work for people who've never heard of you before, it needs to work for search engines. The list goes on!

Get all these things sorted and you've given your store a chance of being successful. Devetecho develops ecommerce sites with all of the above in mind, then take them 10 steps further!

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Half-arsed websites are frustrating. Half-arsed ecommerce websites are frustrating, painful to use, and a security risk to your business and its customers! If you're going to do something as crucial as ecommerce development and/or design, get it done properly!

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