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The way ecommerce sites are built here at Devetecho ensure yours will be one of the best in your industry. They are selling websites that are built to sell, built to last and developed with not only your business in mind, but also your potential customers.

What your ecommerce website needs

There are certain elements of websites with a shop that are always required. They don't guarantee you sales but forsake them and you won't be making many sales very quickly! Here's 4 things that your ecommerce website needs to have:

  • Security; Nobody will be buying from your store without that green SSL padlock, but general data security is also vitally important.
  • Product information; You would think this one is a given but business owners often expect the product images will do the talking for them - wrong! Many potential customers want to know as much as they can about a product before considering a purchase.
  • Speed; The general performance of the website is hugely significant in converting customers, so-too is the 'speed' at which a customer can find something they want to buy and get through to finalising a payment option. Too many steps in the purchase process and your customers will give up!
  • Flexibilty; Your ecommerce website needs to work for mobile users, it needs to work for people who've never heard of you before, it needs to work for search engines. The list goes on!

Get all these things sorted and you've given your store a chance of being successful. Devetecho develops ecommerce sites with all of the above in mind, then take them 10 steps further!

What your business needs

The best ecommerce website development takes into account both the business' customers and the business itself. As convenient as selling online can be, there's still admin work to be done with regards to order fulfillment, tracking and management of product listings. Here are a few things, on the business side, that your new commerce website needs:

  • Easy to update products; Depending on the business, you could be selling potentially hundreds of different products or services. It needs to be easy to create and edit products else ecommerce fatigue will set in very quickly!
  • Dedication & Effort; For all their conveniences, ecommerce websites still need to be managed and actively engaged with on the business' part. Putting up a shop and leaving it to make sales just isn't good enough.
  • Time; There's a knack for every industry, niche & business that has an online store. Finding it can take time and, depending on how established your customer base is, instant results are never guaranteed. Even the most premium ecommerce website will need promotion and attention to get it in front of people!

Whether you are delving into for the first time or are looking for a refresh of a defunct website, ecommerce requires commitment and determination. Luckily, Devetecho stocks commitment and determination by the barrel, not to mention the design skills that will make your shop stand out!

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Devetecho hates half-arsed websites, quite a lot. If you're going to do something, especially something as crucial as ecommerce development and/or design, get it done properly!

Put your business online endeavours in the hands of a business that will cradle them as you would yourself (weird analogy but it's typed now, no going back)!

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