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WordPress is one of the world's most popular content management systems, it's a beast. It powers a huge portion of the internet's websites and does so while being completely free to download and install. If you know what you're doing, you can get far without having to spend a penny on plugins or themes.

No wonder it's a go-to for business owners! 

Website builder battles

In recent years the rise of cheap/free website builders like Wix, Weebly & Squarespace has provided even more ways for business owners to dodge the cost of bespoke website development. These builders are arguably even 'easier' than WordPress to get up and running, so for the determined Do It Yourself-ers looking for the cheapest option they can be very appealing. 

WordPress seems to have made a snap reaction to this competition - introducing it's own 'drag & drop' block-led interface, but has also always had plenty of page-builder plugins like Elementor, Divi, Uncode, VisualComposer and more. 

Back to business

The WordPress platform has come a long way since its conception as a blogging website provider. Nowadays it can be used for nearly everything including the potentially luxurious eCommerce that many businesses seek; for some businesses WordPress effectively IS their business - selling only online through their website.

There's no doubt that WordPress can be used for a business website but the question remains whether businesses should use it!

Business-card websites

For 'simple' business websites that serve to inform, WordPress fits well and offers the potential for future development. That said, languidly picking a theme, changing the colours and populating a generic 'Home + About us + Contact Page' structure isn't nearly enough unless you're content for your business website to blend into the sea of competitors doing the same thing.

Invest in developing a child theme or brand new theme that really captures your brand and you're going to get your money's worth. Even as a small business with a low budget, it's better to save up for a great website than saying 'that will do'.

WordPress should be viewed as a platform but not necessarily a solution (on it's own).

WordPress eCommerce Websites

Setting up an online shop through WordPress is fairly easy and free to achieve. Using WooCommerce, a business could get selling within a few days.

However, just because customers are able to purchase goods or services via you're website is no guarantee that they will. Does your shop rank well in search engines like Google? Does the theme you've chosen promote your products positively and intuitively for the user? Are your product pages enticing and is your payment flow frustrating or smooth? There are so many factors beyond just installing a theme and a plugin that go into a successful eCommerce website.

Humphrey's CBD WebsiteRead about how Devetecho built Humphreyscbd.co.uk with WordPress > 

So should I use WordPress for a business website or not?

You can, yes! WordPress is undeniably powerful and offers a fairly intuitive interface that most non-tech people should be able to get the hang of quickly. As with any other content management system or website builder, the trick is in how you use it; go in with a "I'm only doing this because I need a website, anything will do" mindset and you'll get very little out of it.

As with most things in life, with websites you should get out what you put in. Whether that's an investment of time, money or both. When you go cheap, you are giving your customers the impression that you're nothing special - just another business with a 'good enough' mindset who can't be bothered to promote what makes them stand out.

Devetecho uses WordPress

WordPress is one of the systems used here at Devetecho. It's great for getting the backend of an online shop setup quickly, thus allowing for more time working on the design and custom functionality. Often an ecommerce store alone isn't enough so there's also work to be done that most business owners simply don't have the time or knowledge to implement.

For more information on how WordPress could be put to work for your business, give Devetecho a ring on 0121 517 0121 or email howdy@devetecho.co.uk now!

WordPress is undeniably powerful and offers a fairly intuitive interface that most non-tech people should be able to get the hang of quickly...the trick is in how you use it.

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