Talking is free.

Is your business predominantly based in physical stores, buildings and people-facing areas? Reach out. If you need advice on how to take a physical business and make it as digital as possible, Devetecho is here for you. If you need advice on updating your website with a closure-related notice, Devetecho is here for you. I can't promise all the answers to all the problems, but I can promise that whatever advice Devetecho can provide is yours, at no cost and will be impartial.

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Work is discounted.

I have no intention of profiting from this crisis, and in an ideal world would work for free - but these are uncertain times for us all. In an effort to be as accomodating as possible, there are a couple of things on offer to new and existing clients:

  • A 20% on rates and quotes discount across the board, just let me know you've seen this post and the discount will be applied automatically. To ensure transparency, the current Devetecho hourly rate for all work is £30, with the discount it will be £24.
  • The option to spread out payments (within reason). Splitting a payment into monthly chunks might make a huge difference to clients, so this is an option on the table. It's also worth noting that this comes at no extra charge - the total payment will be the same whether paid in one go, 6 chunks, or 12!

Depending on your business, now could be the time to really invest in your online presence and services, not let them dwindle. Talk to Devetecho (again, talking is free, impartial and with no obligations) and let's see what can be done to adapt in these challenging times!

Good luck out there, and remember to stay safe. We'll get through this together.

All Devetecho advice will be impartial, free, non-obligatory and as thorough as possible.

Enough Talk. Let's Talk.


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