In an ideal world, businesses would run like clockwork and staff could focus on doing the jobs they enjoy and making the difference that their business strives for, whatever its goals. Often, in reality, this isn't the case.

Why can websites be a hassle to get done?

1. A big job

A lot goes into a successful website; content creation, sourcing of imagery, design, development, accessibility, SEO & more. When faced with all this, a busy business owner can understandably feel overwhelmed at the prospect of having a website created or updated.

Frustrated business owner

2. The ongoing commitment

Much like puppies, websites aren't just for Christmas - they require regular maintenance and updating. Keeping your website content fresh is important for ranking higher in Google and for keeping users engaged. This requirement can be daunting for businesses looking for a 'done and dusted' solution with regards to their site, but such an approach can be harmful.

3. Viewing a website as a 'must-have'

As much as a website is a vital part of the business machine, having one because 'you have to' will likely result in a failure to reap the rewards that justify needing one in the first place. Treating any project this way is a definite source of hassle and wasted time. Furthermore, adopting this approach in a situation where web design and web development skills need to be learned at the same time is a recipe for disaster and frustration.

In a world where time is money, productivity is money and money is money, hassle - in all it's forms - can have a big impact on business operations.

How can businesses avoid website hassle?

1. Focus, focus and focus

There is really no substitute for giving your all to something, instead of half-heartedly approaching it as a 'must-have' thing that needs to be done. Like many things in life, a website is something where you get out what you put it in, in most cases, and devoting a good chunk of your time and effort to it will reduce hassle in the long run.


2. Offload some of the responsibility to a professional

A good web design agency will dramatically reduce the stress and hassle involved in building or refreshing a website by taking on the majority of the work required. Others can do the opposite and drag the process out but any agency or freelancer that promises to take 100% of the responisibility away from the business should be avoided - there needs to be an element of collaboration to ensure the website truly reflects your business.

Devetecho does it better

The development & design process here prioritises efficiency, promoting a smooth and timely turnaround. By taking care of as much or as little as the client requires, including design, development, SEO and hosting setup, Devetecho ensures the project is handled exactly as your business needs without comprising on our core belief that client collaboration is vital.

For more information on how Devetecho can provide a hassle-free website for your business, call 0121 517 0121 or email

A good web design agency will dramatically reduce the stress and hassle involved in building or refreshing a website by taking on the majority of the work required.

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