Plenty of fish in the Social' Sea, but...

Billions (yes, billions) of people use social media these days - that's a huge potential customer base. A business presence on these platforms is a must; they are free to use and offer plenty of ways to interact on a personal basis with clients, customers and fans.

Is that enough, though? In short, NO! There are still many reasons why your business should have its own website in addition to pages on Facebook et al.. Here's 4 biggies:

1. Let all that precious branding hang out...

Take a standard Facebook business page - how much of it is aesthetically unique? We're probably looking at the Cover Photo, Profile Picture and perhaps a carefully consistent roll of branded imagery.

What about Typography? Use of colour? Layout? With your very own website, you control how it looks, right down to the line-height and letter-spacing. This allows you to draw more attention to what separates your business from the competition and take pride in your brand in all its glory, rather than being forced to squash it into the limited customisation options you're given in 2019's social platforms.

2. Take advantage of long tail queries:

Without going into too much technical detail, long tail queries' are searches that tend to be more specific. For example, searching "pink formal dress size 10" rather than just "dresses". These queries are entered less often but are easier to rank higher for and often mean the customer is all but ready to buy. Trying to capitalise on these searches is incredibly difficult without a website. Social media pages work well if a customer searches for your business name directly, but otherwise won't help attract new customers.


Connect your customers to your brand, and stand out from the competition whilst ranking higher for specific searches in search engines.

3. Who controls your content?

Social media changes all the time; there's no guarantee that your Facebook page will look how it does now in a few weeks' time. It's a fact of the medium that you don't have much control over the content you post there. A website provides the exact opposite; a controlled environment which you are completely able to manage and that only changes when you want it to!

4. Professionalism & Credibility

In the same way that a landline or business number appears more trustworthy than a mobile number, just having a professional website boosts the credibilty of your business in the eyes of a potential client, buyer or user. Ultimately, having as many online presences as possible will give your business substance and appear larger when compared to just having a Facebook page or LinkedIn account.

The answer is Yes!

While social media can seem like the swiss-army knife of business platforms, a professional business website still serves a number of vital purposes in 2019 and will do for years to come. Find out whether your business specifically could use a new website using Devetecho's FREE tool.

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Decide how, when and where your customers view business content through your own website.
Trust plays a large part in purchase behaviour, ensure your business looks credible with a bespoke website.

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